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Data centers looking to restore their equipment or consolidate, decommission, or relocate can rely on the disposition of those IT assets by Fremont Trading Company. Ensuring the proper disposition of decommissioned technology is of the highest priority to data centers because retiring  equipment raises two extraordinary risks: data security breach and environmental hazard. Fremont Trading Company offers flexible, customized solutions to data centers for all of their IT asset disposition needs.

We provide complete asset tracking and disposition services to support data centers’ growing security and sustainability needs. We ensure all assets are properly recorded and tracked and all digital data is destroyed. Our process for managing data center decommissioning and disposition of end-of-life equipment offers full accountability to enterprise organizations and data centers, while ensuring that data is secure and equipment is properly recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner.


On-Site Data Destruction

Secure Logistics

Digital Data Destruction

Inventory of IT Assets

Fremont Trading Company performs a physical inventory before any assets get shipped from the data center. This ensures that a complete and accurate list of all IT assets is created and verified before assets are transferred to our facilities for final asset disposition, allowing our customers to have full accounting for disposition of all IT assets and data center equipment.

On-Site Data Destruction

We recommend digital data be destroyed prior to removal from the data center to ensure all data is eradicated from dedicated storage devices and onboard hard drives in servers, printers and any data bearing asset.

A number of convenient on-site data destruction options are available to customers, including on-site hard drive degaussing and on-site hard drive destruction.

We arrive at your location and, while in your presence, securely degauss and destroy all hard drives. Our process makes it impossible to recover any data. After these on-site data destruction services are complete, all materials are securely transported to our facility for shredding and recycling.

This method of data destruction has proven popular with government agencies, banks and other financial institutions, health care facilities and other organizations whose relic data must remain private and secure and are subject to regulatory compliance.

After initial on-site data destruction, secondary destruction will be done at Windfield’s facilities.

Secure Logistics

Fremont Trading Company arranges shipment of assets from the data center to one of our processing facilities using Fremont-owned and -operated trucks, which further provides full accountability to our customers. This ensures a secure  transer from the data center to our facilities and throughout final processing of assets.

Digital Data Destruction

Our process for data destruction ensures complete destruction, guaranteed. Using a range of data erasing, sanitation and destruction services, you can be assured that your data is securely destructed at Fremont Trading Company.

We protect the identity and integrity of our customers and safeguard them against attempts of reuse or data recovery by removing all trace-of-origin identifiers on retired electronic equipment. We ensure the elimination of sensitive data and intelligence from a wide range of equipment. We use clearly defined processes to ensure all hard drives are completely erased.

We can supply customers with data destruction reports and certificates of destruction that confirm the service was rendered.


We have experience handling data center equipment from a number of industries, on a national scale, which helps to ensure our clients receive the highest financial return on the resale of equipment in secondary markets.

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Our strict policies for recycling meet or exceed current leading environmental standards and ensure complete transparency through final disposition and the advanced technologies we use in our recycling process allow for cleaner separation of recyclables, like metals and plastics. Furthermore, we have audited downstream vendor relationships, which allow us to expand reuse and recycling options for our customers.

24/7 Partner Portal

Fremont Trading Company offers customers access to its Partner Portal, which is a web-based application that allows customers to obtain direct access to Windfield’s meticulous reports. Through this portal, customers can track assets through the disposition process. Certificates of Destruction (C.O.D) can be provided.


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