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Fremont Trading Company, LLC is an Atlanta-based global trading company that facilitates U.S. Commerce, with an emphasis on the export of U.S. goods and services, through trade and strategic acquisitions. 

Fremont Trading Company, LLC is founded on experience and broad expertise in international trade and economic development.  Our main goal is the bring value, success and quality experience to your trading futures.


Emerging from decades of experience and many international business relationships, Fremont Trading Company, has risen as a valuable resource for companies seeking process solutions and asset resolution.

Having expertise in salvage materials remediation in the Asian, European, Indonesian and Domestic market place we offer a wide variety of services that go beyond traditional services: These include, welding, fabrication, machining, wood working, mechanics and electrical expertise. Combining these services in one valuable location opens the world of possibilities.

Machines involving all the above mentioned disciplines can be refurbished, repurposed or restored to add revenue to your business. Procedures needed accomplish a desired task can be analyzed and solutions recommended to maximize efficiency. Give us a try to see what we can do for you.

What Fremont Trading Company Does

Trading – Aquisition – Partnership







• If you have a company that has considered exporting but needs experienced help

• If you are currently exporting and exporting seeking new markets access

• If you have a new company in the global supply chain seeking new ownership and opportunities

• If you have a company ready for international growth, but don’t know where to start

• If you have a product or service to market overseas, but need an experienced, connected partner to help facilitate success

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