We are an Atlanta-based global trading company that facilitates U.S. Commerce.

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What To Expect

Full Circle Recycling Solution, Reuse Programs, Complete Transparency & Benefits.

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Data Center Services

Customized solutions to data centers for all of their IT asset disposition needs.

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IT Assets We Recycle

Engaging with us gives you access to our extensive background, industry knowledge, resources and networks.

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About Fremont Trading Company.

Fremont Trading Company, LLC is an Atlanta-based global trading company that facilitates U.S. Commerce, with an emphasis on the export of U.S. goods and services, through trade and strategic acquisitions.

Fremont Trading Company, LLC is founded on experience and broad expertise in international trade and economic development.  Our main goal is the bring value, success and quality experience to your trading futures.

What We Do

Fremont Trading Company delivers environmentally sound and secure recycling solutions to domestic and foreign Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, private businesses, and financial and educational institutions alike.

Our specialized group expertly provides a comprehensive suite of recycling programs while managing the security, legal, and environmental concerns of our enterprise customers.

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Why Fremont Trading Company?

Proven International Business Experience
  • Managed global supply chain logistics
Strong International Relationships
  • Worked with Forbes Top 1000’s companies worldwide
  • Excellent working relations in Mexico, China, India, and Latin America
Successful Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Started and sustained multiple successful companies with growing returns in commodities, produce and logistics
Experienced Sales and Marketing
  • Developed leading construction technics in building and asbestos removal
  • Implemented multimillion global sales numbers in 10 plus counties
Practiced in Logistics of Trade
  • Experience operating trading and shipping commodities worldwide.
Demonstrated Leadership
  • Combined experience of more than 60 years of management of multi-million dollar operations.

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